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Re: Alerts for sensitive data in new form submissions

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I have clients submit their API info to me via an Airtable form. I need this info to set them up and I can receive it securely this way. I need to be alerted, though, so I know they have sent me their info and I can get them integrated.

I have 2 options that I can see.

  1. At the bottom of the form I can say “Email me at …” and receive an email. This is a problem because they email me the sensitive information, which defeats the purpose. I just want to know it was done!
  2. I can use a Slack integration from Airtable, but this doesn’t work because I can’t have new form submissions sent, only updates to existing records (as far as I can tell).

I can use a 3rd party tool, such as Zapier, but don’t love that idea. Is there a way around this in Airtable that I’m missing or do I have to look at outside integrations?


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I’m pretty sure there’s an option with the slack integration to have it inform you of a “New Record in a Table”. I’m fairly certain I’ve used that integration before…

Thanks, Jeremy. The closest I could find is “Updates to records in a view” but I don’t want every edit sent and even so, that doesn’t seem to even send new records from a form… I can’t include images or hyperlinks, but if you open this as a link you’ll see:

Try this:

  • Create a Date Created field or a formula field that captures the DateTime when a record is created
  • Create a View that filters to show only records where that Date Created field is within the last 1 day, or whatever granularity you want there
  • When a form is submitted, it will show up in this view, triggering your Airtable notification, but after the filter removes it from the view, that record will no longer trigger notifications when you are editing it

Or, if the granularity on a time-based filter is not enough, you could create a checkbox field called something like “Record Seen”, and filter to show only records where that is unchecked. Then, when you get an Slack alert from that view you can go view the new record and check it as “Seen” so that it is immediately removed from the alert view.