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Hello Everyone,

I have a table to keep track of projects and the employees that are working on them. We work virtually so I’m looking to create a calendar view to see when projects are ending and an employee would be available to start something new. If a project is 5 days a week until the end date it’s not problem, but I’m having trouble creating a view where one employee with multiple projects could be displayed accurately. For example, one employee is working on two projects and alternates every week (so one full week on one project and the following week on a second project back and forth) or if an employee does 3 days on one project and two days on a second project.
I’m wondering if that type of specificity in the calendar view is beyond AirTables capabilities or if there’s some linked data solution I’m missing…

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Hi @Amanda_Garfunkel and welcome to the community!

If I understand your case correctly, you would have to create a record for each period (so every other week, or every 3 day time period) for the calendar view to show it correctly. Eg, by making a third table “planning”. The standard Airtable views doesn’t have any features to do this otherwise (maybe via scripting, but no expert on that).

Hi, @Databaser thank you for responding!

I’m not an expert on scripting either, so I’m in the same boat as you. I had created a separate table to dedicate to the calendar view and linked it with the projects table to import the project and begin and end dates. If you’re suggesting that/each day week needs its own record, I’m wondering if I should keep the table entirely separate? I’d have to manually put in all the dates/weeks, correct?

If you have a start and end date that form 1 periode, eg 17th/08 to 20th/08, you can show that on a calendar view and use colour conditions to show the project or the employee, … Or make 1 calendar view per employee.

Without scripting, I would keep a table for my projects and create a separate table for planning purposes and link those 2 together. That way, you could use rollup fields in your projects table for calculating hours, costs, … per project (if you need any of that of course). That means, like you said, that you would put in the time periods per employee per project manually. Unless the periods are alike, then you maybe could put something together with an automation (eg: a checkbox as trigger to create a new record for period x + y).

If you have a budget, you can always ask the many (scripting) experts here via the “hire a consultant” on this forum.