Assign dates to multiselect items to show in a calendar?

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Hello everyone,

I have a calendar for work where people have the chance to show up to multiple events throughout the year. I would like to have a multiselect with the names of the various events instead of just days to show up. I’d also like to for their name to show up in the calendar with the days associated with the event. Is this something I’m capable of doing with airtable?

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Hi @Grant_Gershner1
Welcome to the Airtable community.

The items in a multiselect are just text and can say what ever you want. But I think what you are after (and the reason to use Airtable) is a Linked Field. To do this create a new table in your base, in this table list out each event. Use other fields to store data about the event.
Then on your table with the calendar view, add a Link to another record field and link it to the new Events table. If you want to bring over another piece of data from the Events table use a lookup field to grab that.

I would even create another table just for storing People information, and link that to events, then lookup the person in the Calendar view.

Let me know if any or none of that makes sense I am happy to help more if needed.

Hi @Grant_Gershner1,

Amazingly enough, I cover almost your exact scenario in my free Airtable training course. It’s not 100% identical to what you’re looking for, but hopefully my course will take you close enough to what you need as your final solution: