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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
I've started considering Interfaces for my team of 5, but I have a question specific to "Assignee".
Scenario: We run events. Each event (1 event is 1 airtable record) is led by one of our team members. Ideally, they use an interface to show them which upcoming events have specific action needed. (we currently do this, but via views, and the volume of views has gotten out of control).
We didn't previously use the "Assignee" function. Instead, we had a column that we called "owner", which was their first name, so you can filter on what events were yours, and what upcoming actions were needed.
The adaption of Assignee seems to work for upcoming events, but I'm more curious about past events. In some instances, the "Owner" of an event no longer works here. So I can't transition all "Owner" to "Assignee", because it's my understanding that assignee can only be current base users?
Does anyone else run into this and have a workaround? It seems that interfaces are good, but not great, unless I adapt the Assignees function.
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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer


Instead of using assignees, couldn't you just have a table of employees, and link to them?

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 10.18.04 AM.pngScreen Shot 2023-01-05 at 10.17.57 AM.png

I'd need to connect an email address as well to each employee, in order for the Interface to work, am I right in that assumption? I couuuuuld go this route, but it's not as ideal. 

Side bar: Todd Packer in charge of Grand Opening? this will be a disaster. 

Interfaces will show whatever field you want them to, so you'd only need an email address if that data was needed by you. (And LOL at Packer)