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6 - Interface Innovator

Can a video be attached to Airtable from Dropbox or a link to drop to it?

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Would a link to our website work ?
I’d have my graphics guy build a page which could be referenced.

WE have a subscription to Screencat from Techsmith.
This is a public link with no password. I tried it in Airtable but it didn’t work, The link works from the browser command line:

When I do this with your video URL, it works fine.


As Justin made clear at the outset of this thread, video files will not work as attachments. Is that [perhaps] why it doesn’t work in your Screencast example?

To be clear - there are some nuances that are worthy of mention.

  • Airtable DOES support video files as attachments, but it does not display them - ergo, it has no video player technology embedded in itself.
  • Airtable DOES support the upload, storage, and retrieval of ATTACHED video files in the UI - you first need to download.
  • Airtable DOES support the upload, storage, and retrieval of ATTACHED video files through the API.
  • Airtable DOES support direct links to video files hosted on other platforms where such links are stored as URL fields.

Make sense?

Did you attach the url inside Airtable from the place where you add an attachment and you can choose URL, Dropbox, Google Photos etc.?

That’s where I attached it.


Ed Cooper

I tested both with your Screencast video. Both tests worked in accordance with Airtable’s support and as I described in the bullets.

Video attachments do not play (for the reasons cited) but they are stored and can be downloaded for playing. Video links (in a field of type:LINK) also work and they play immediately in an adjacent browser tab.


I’ll try that and let you know the result.

Only in Airtable for 10 days.

Doing this application for myself.

I have been using QuickBase for years.

Entirely different.

Thanks so much for your help.


Ed Cooper


Setting the field type as URL (link) is exactly what I need.

Works perfectly.

Thank you so much.!

You betcha! Good luck.

Is this Ed Cooper the photographer?

No sorry.


Ed Cooper