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Hi all,

First time poster.!

I am looking to import a file each day that we receive via e-mail. Using Zapier I can save the attachment to G Drive but can’t figure out how to get this data into a base as it hits the folder.

I have tried using

  1. New file in G folder but you can’t see inside the file so you can’t map the data fields.
  2. I’ve converted the file to a Google Sheet to see if it was a CVS thing but same issue.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.

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I’m waiting for the answer on this issue. I hope that the answer will be written soon, as a solution or method


Have you looked at the API? It should be straight forward to loop through the rows in your CSV file and create records in a table.


You could use Integromat to do this. You would have the ‘Scenario’ run once prepay and look for the file - if found you could use it’s Parse CSV ‘app’ to read the file - and any subsequent steps would then process for each ‘record’ in the CSV. Works like a dream.

Hope this helps!

You might be able to find a solution with Zapier.


The only practical approach for this is to use Google Apps Script natively to digest, format, and push CSV content directly into your target Airtable base.

I have built many custom solutions like this and they are extremely reliable. My experience is that Zapier adds a level of abstraction and moving parts that are less than ideal for integrations.

I’m a Google Apps Script consultant and data integration architect - happy to provide a little guidance with some code examples.

We made a tool that automatically imports a CSV into Airtable. It supports scheduling and webhooks. Every time the tool runs, it tries to see if there are any rows that exist in the CSV but not Airtable, and then add those to Airtable.


We have been just starting with base and have run into problems where bulk import (migration) of the csv files are not possible into the base beyond certain rows. Would you recommend this for us as a possible solution?

I’d be happy to help you with that and talk through it. Please reach out to us in the chat at

How does this tool match field names? By the field name itself, or by the order of the fields on the view? On that note, which Airtable view does this tool use for importing?

The field names are copied from the CSV. The order of the fields is not relevant when importing the files because we assume that the columns in the CSV have corresponding Airtable fields.

In terms of Airtable views, the rows are just added to the table. The view would be determined by your existing Airtable Views. We just add the rows to the table.

The field names are “copied” from the CSV? Meaning that you “match“ the field names from the CSV to identical field names in Airtable?

Is there anyone who user Integromat/ for importing CSV? I was not able to set it up properly.

I am able to GET the CSV from FTP. Parse the CSV… but not able to create/update the records in airtable.

I am trying to use “Upsert a Record” but always ends with error " BundleValidationError" - Invalid number in parameter ‘fldsAHrvmFOW4OBQ4’.

But I can’t see parameter named like that in my airtable.

You posted this question at the link below, which I have responded to: