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4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to create a form that allows residents to sign-up for one of the programs we offer. One of the common issues I’ve had with sign-ups in the past is that residents are allowed to type in their address and then select the neighborhood they’re in. However, usually they don’t select the correct neighborhood so it creates more work on the back end having to fix it. I have an excel doc that contains everyone’s address and their associated neighborhood. Is there a way to connect excel doc (or the data) this with my form somehow so that when a resident types in their address it automatically fills in what neighborhood they are associated with? That way they don’t have a choice about what neighborhood they’re in, it just tells them.

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Hi @Melissa_Hoffman,
How are your users getting to the form? Is it on some other website? Do you send them a link to the form? You need some method to know who the person completing the form is. Once you know that you can use the prefill_ method to populate the neighborhood.

If you are sending a link to the form, you can build this formula using the Prefilled Forms extension.

Or, just leave the Neighborhood section off the form and just set it on the back end.

Thank you!
I created a form through Airtable and have it connected to our external website. So residents just go to our website and complete this form. Then Airtable notifies me once they have completed and submitted the form.
They have to enter their address and select a neighborhood. I’m trying to forgo them having to select a neighborhood by having it automatically select one for them once they type in their address. I would just enter it on the backend, but there are thousands of submissions and I’m trying to minimize the back end work if possible…

I cannot think of a way for Airtable form to be dynamic like that. Maybe since you already have the Address to Neighborhood mapping, omit the neighborhood selection in the form and use airtable automation to set the neighborhood after the form is submitted.