Autofill Date Creation?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey there!

So, a bit of an interesting request. I’m looking for a way to do a “auto number/autofill style” Date field.

I’m usually working at a lot of odd hours and my days really exist from 10 AM - 10 AM in a given 24 hour cycle. With that, the general view filtering methods of view based on “current day” don’t really work well for me- I’ve found some loop holes- but nothing perfect.

Given that I also would like to track time/duration data from a lot of my tasks via day/date tagging, I figure its just useful to kill two birds with one stone and tag a pre-set date instead. A caveat being, is that i have tasks going out months in advance, and it would be great to have a way to simply create a pre-filled new record with a descending date based on the previous one.

I’m still plugging away but havent come across anything to obvious yet!


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Hi Bas

Could you not use an Automation 9say triggered by a status) to create the new record baed on the existing one - and the date could be created with a formula?

I may be missing something in your requirement here though??


Hey Julian,

Thank you so much for your feedback! I’ve been dabbling in Airtable for a while and it is exciting to collaborate with people to solve new issues.

Ah- I’ve realized because I have dates going so far out in advance, its probably just best to just do the manual work and create the extra records.

Although using the automation and date formula element in tandem is maybe something I’m a bit ignorant to- I’m not sure how to build with an automation say “When new record created, cite the directly previous record date +1 day” which would do the trick- I’m unsure of how to make a fluid attribution to simply “cite the previous record”.

I’m not very adept at formulas, so apologies if I am missing something obvious!