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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

How can i configure Date entry to capture date entry automatically to date the form is submitted, if possible along with time.

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Hi @Niranjan_Gadgil and Welcome to Airtable Community

You’re looking for the Created Time field type. You won’t see it as an option to add to the form, but it will fill it in non the less.


Hope this helps.

Can I have my primary field to be the created date?

@A_T1 - yes you can.

How? I didn’t find the way.

@A_T1 - In my haste to respond, I didn’t elaborate enough. The short answer is no, you cannot create a Created Time field type as your primary field. The workaround is to create a formula in your primary field that points to a Created Time field.

Use DATETIME_PARSE({Created Time})

Make sure that both fields have the same formatting. For example, both format in local time.

Or have your primary field be a formula field with the CREATED_TIME() function.

Completely forgot about that function. Yes, what @kuovonne said would be best. Thank you.

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6 - Interface Innovator

That’s really works! Thanks!