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Re: Automatically track the number of new members each month

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4 - Data Explorer

Nice to meet you all.
I’m sorry if something similar has already been posted.

I am managing a membership.
Members are assigned a date of registration and a rank. Both are set manually by me.

I am required to create a report every month, but I don’t know how to calculate it automatically, so I consume my own time every month to create the report.
I would like to be able to collect the numbers needed for the report as automatically as possible.

I would like to automatically track the number of new members each month and use Interface Designer to represent that number.
Currently, I have a table for the number of members, and I calculate and enter the number myself.

I am already using formulas to get months out of dates.

I would like to automatically keep track of the number of members per rank each month and use Interface Designer to represent that number.
Currently, I have a table of ranks, and I calculate and input the data myself.

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hi @kino,
I worked with a client who had your same problem. I think you have two options

  1. (SUBOPTIMAL) You probably have a table that contains each rank and you are linking each rank field to each member as they are assigned a rank. You could create some rollup fields in this table that count the number of members with that specific rank. Then you could have an automation which runs once each month, uses the find record automation option to get each rank record, gets the total number of members from the Rollup field and creates a new record in another able called “Monthly Subscriptions” or something which contains for each membership and month the number of members. The disadvantage of this is that it is not very dynamic and requires a lot of changing in the records every time you tweak the ranking logic
  2. (OPTIMAL) You can build a script from the scripting automations which aggregates by membership rank type and counts the number of members in it, then sends all the records to the Monthly Subscriptions table we discussed about in the previous solution.
    To display the data you can then use graph apps, the pivot chart app or even just a grid view grouped by membership ranking.
    Hope it helps!