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6 - Interface Innovator

I have a main base where I store all member information. I have another base where I have other information but not every field in the main base.

If I change the information in the main base I want it to change in the other base.

How is this done in Airtable?

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Hi @Rodney_Beadon,
I hope you have been well!

You can sync a base to another base then you will add an automation to look for the changes in your synced base and apply the update accordingly.



Thanks for the advice. The one row in the field will change monthly. I know in Excel that you can put a simple formula that links the two cells.

So if you change the one cell, it automatically changes the cell on the other worksheet.

That what I am wanting to try and do in the airtable.

I will change the details in a particular field on the main Base. If i do this it needs to automatically up date that field in another base.

Your example and explanation above, is this the simplest way of doing this

Yes, this is the simplest way.

There are other options like or writing custom code.