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Automations across BASES not just tables

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Hi folks, I know how to set up an automation, for example if a record is created it can/could create another/dupliacate record for me in separate table, however this only seems to be tables within the SAME BASE… so, here’s my question:

Is it possible for Airtable to create a duplicate record in a table in one base if a record is created in another base?


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Welcome to the community, @Marcus_Speirs!

You could use the brand new Airtable Sync feature to do a one-way sync of your records from one base to another. This fulfills many people’s needs.

For anything more advanced than that, you can use Integromat to handle all of your automations across multiple bases.

Thanks, this works exactly as I wanted it to! Cheers for the support!

The problem that I have with Base Sync, is if there are 5,000 records in Base A, that are then sync'd across into Base B - unfortunately they count as active records in Base B.