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Issue with CSV Export

Hi there. Does any know how to prevent my csv data from breaking when I transfer it from a csv export to my spreadsheet?Problem (CSV Export Bug): When I export the data, a piece of the notes column rolls over into a new row, resulting in additional r...

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So Simple, Yet Not. Adding a hyperlink to a button

Hi everyone, First post on here. If you could show me how I can add a URL hyperlink to a button. This would link to an external website. I tried for hours and am not getting anywhere. Please help! Appreciate any insight here!

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Set Airtable Table to On2Air like a Table Dashboard

Hi there,I am trying to setup a form on On2Air, that looks like a Dashboard and contains all the data from an Airtable table. I tried to follow online tutorials I found on YouTube, but I seem to be getting nowhere. I have a base, call it ABC, a table...

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Data validation

Hello everyone,Is there a way to import or reproduce data validation scroll list from excel to Airtable ?thanks ! 

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Grouping without hour

Hi everyone ! When I click on 'Group by Date" it keeps grouping it in different groups because of the hours difference. Is there a way to make it as it only group the entries per date but without taking the hour in account ?Thanks !  

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Timelines: Time range with no specific dates

Hello!I'm trying to organize a set of tasks that start from "two weeks ahead" of an event. Using fields such as duration or date will have me pick a specific date/time for which I don't have information. I just need those set of tasks to show "this l...

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Microsoft Forms to Airtable

Has anyone connected data collected from Microsoft Forms to Airtable? We want to be able to show a photo for reference along with the option and Microsoft forms allows us to do that, plus our organization all already runs on Microsoft 365. We still w...

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Error message when try adding a linked record

When I try to add a record in the linked record field I get an error message "You are not permitted to perform this operation". It does not happen in all ‘link a record’ field but in some, randomly. The issue is occurring on my iPad and iPhone apps. ...

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Counting multiple records as one - extension

We have a database of our donors. We assign an ID to each donation, and it is then pulled in to the donor. On this table I would like to show how many people donated in a given month. Some people donate more than once in a month because of a campaign...

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Experiencing Horrible Lag This Morning

I'm experiencing really horrible lag for myself and and all users this morning. We're having to constantly refresh the page to make sure we're not working on top of one another.Is anyone else having this issue?

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Multiple forms for one client

I'm new to Airtable and would love some help! I have a general inquiry form on my website. Once someone completes that form, I eventually need them to complete a second, more in-depth form. Is there a way to link the responses of the in-depth form to...

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