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Sync instagram DMs to Airtable

Hi,What are the best tools to integrate instagram with airtable?We would like that an automation reads our instagram DMs,gets the data (contact phone numbers, etc), and automatically inputs it into our airtable base of instagram-leads. 

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Syncing All Calendars Across Bases within a workspace

Hi there! So I have a few bases (Newsletter Tracker, Task Manager, Content Creation Schedule, Signings & Events) and each of them have due dates in them and their individual calendars. Is there a way to have a master calendar or to have all of the ca...

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Account invoice remaining time and unused time

I'm a new owner to my company's workspace and I'm trying to understand the billing.We get charged annually in May for all the users, and then we get subsequent monthly invoices that say:Remaining time on 10 × Team Annual after 02 Jul 2024 (a positive...

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Billing issues after downgrading from Business to Team plan

Hello everyone,I want to share a frustrating experience I had with Airtable’s billing practices to warn others who might find themselves in a similar situation.The IssueI recently downgraded our workspace from the Business plan to the Team plan. Howe...

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Pivot Table in Extensions - layout

Hi,My client has some rather long items (meeting objectives) they would like to show in a pivot table. Is there a away to extent the first column on the left to view all the text?  Thanks,Rachel

Screenshot 2024-07-18 at 1.29.09 PM.png
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Zapier + Airtable + Kajabi

Hi there! This may be more of a Zapier question but posting here anyways. I am wanting to add or find and update an existing field airtable when a purchase is made from kajabi. Having trouble figuring this out on Zapier:

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