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adding a new field from the source to synced table

- I have a source table and a synced table- The synced table feeds Power BI- The person that set up these connections is no longer with us and my knowledge here is limitedQuestion: How can I sync newly added fields in the source table to the synced t...

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Why does pasting take up to two minutes?

I often have issues with pasting into a cell.  It just hangs for a minute or two, sometimes longer.  I've read before that it could be because other fields need to be updated if they have have formulas that use that field. However, in my most recent ...

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Attaching PDFs to Documint

Dear community, I have a table in which I am tracking multiple records, each has a PDF attached to it. I am trying to create an automated report using Documint that will list all these records. I am trying to attach the PDFs to the Documint Report, b...

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I paid for a nonprofit plan one day past grace period

We have a nonprofit Pro Plan for 60ppl.Re-upping for the year was a scramble to find the money, so I just put it on a personal credit card to see us through. I paid the bill today, which was one day after the account defaulted back to Free Tier. I ha...

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Resolved! Published Universe Template Not Accurate

Hello. I've been working on a database template to share with other organizations doing similar work. I've recently published that template to the Airtable Universe, but two views are not transferring correctly. These two views are filtered views, an...

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SYNC TABLE WHILE KEEPING RELATED TABLES.Hello Airtable community,I have a situation that I don't know how to resolve with a synchronized table.1- Situation: I have a "Matrix" table in a base that I've been using since before the option to synchronize...

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Personalised/custom URL previews/icon

As a future feature request, would anyone else benefit from the preview links for URLs being more personalised?I send out a lot of forms via email to people in my network, but often when they're in the field they contact me and ask me to send the lin...

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My spellchecking script isn't working

Hi everyone.  I'm not a coder so have been relying on ChatGPT to help me with scripts.  It gave me this one for a spellchecker that looks in a field for misspellings of the word "epilepsy".  I have checked the name of the field and of the table are c...

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Typeform Connnect does not work

Since the new Personal Tokens (No API Keys) i cannot connect my airtable to typeform. Does someone has a solution for this? The extension also does not work for my case, as i have an Opinion Scale, which i cannot map. Thanks for your help!

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calendar view change default time

Hello!Adding an entry to calendar view automatically set the time to midnight. Is there a way to change the default time to anything other than midnight?! Thanks!

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Resolved! Link Tables and Lookup fields

HiI have some linked tables. The first link is between "People" and "Working Groups". When in the Working Group table I can look up people's names and add them to the field "Members". When in the People table, I can make a link back to Working Groups...

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Resolved! Cannot select text within formula code

For some reason I cannot select the text within my formulas, meaning I cannot choose which text to copy for pasting later. It is only within the formula editing that I cannot edit the text. I can select text everywhere else:Selected text on here:Can'...

Antony_Bearpark_0-1700648379985.png Antony_Bearpark_1-1700648406408.png Antony_Bearpark_2-1700648433362.png
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Grouping Views

Hi, all -I'm fairly new to Airtable and use this software to track participants for trainings that we offer. In some instances we have a participant attend more than one of our trainings. I currently have our trainings set up as a multiple choice fie...

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EW by 4 - Data Explorer

Connecting 2 tables to one calendar view

I have 2 different tables in one base that I want to connect to one Calendar for easy to view access without having to switch to different calendar views constantly. Is this doable? 

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