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How to send a message to someone

Just joined A friend wants me to join her "group"? Don't know if that is the right termAnyway, How do I find her organization\company\group whatever it's called hereHow do I send her a message?  

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Conditional questions on forms?

I am trying to set up a form that will collect requests for a dozen kinds of products from users (eg, shirts, hats, mugs...) I have a limited amount of each product available.Is there a way to omit certain questions if the limit for that product has ...

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Resolved! update linked record with fillout ?

Hello everyone,I have a specific need that I can't seem to solve. Basically, my database includes training dates with multiple participants. At the end of the module, we ask the trainer to evaluate each participant on at least 5 criteria.So, for each...

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Resolved! Value in base percent field displays zero in form

Looking for help: My base has a percent field with the value 25%. When I prefill and display the field in a form, 0% is what is displayed.Base percent field settingsBase percent field valuePrefill formulaForm displayForm field settings 

kshathaway_0-1712694815078.png kshathaway_1-1712694836542.png kshathaway_2-1712694861268.png kshathaway_3-1712694879463.png
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How to use return outside of select method

Hello, I am using the Airtable API in javascript. Currently I am using the select method based on the documentation, and I am trying to make use of the returned data outside of the method.For example this is my code:  base('TestData').select({ vi...

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Resolved! Softr User sync

HI,How can I solve this problem when working in Softr with an Airtable synchronized table?how can I configure permissions in my base?Rgds.

ERROR copia.jpg
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Resolved! How to edit fields shown in linked field dropdown menu

Basically, I'm wondering how to change the fields shown in a linked record field dropdown/select menu.These fields below (Record ID, First, Middle) do little to help me distinguish among similar records.Note that this particular screenshot is of a li...

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 1.45.32 PM.png
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Setting Scheduled Time Airtable Automation

So we've set an Airtable Automation where every day at 12:00PM it sends an email digest to the project managers to show Rush or High Priority tasks that are due today or before today. I had two questions:1. How do I set the scheduled time "everyday" ...

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