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SWOT Analysis Matrix

Oh hello there! I am working with a team that is developing a base to capture competitor profiles. Within the base we have an organizational overview tab, contacts tab, program information tab, and a SWOT Analysis tab where we'd like to fill out the ...

Screenshot 2024-06-14 132624.png
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Comparing associated records in a field

Hi,Not sure if title accurately matches my question. I have 2 tables linked by "Part Code":Table 1: Parts. Columns: Part CodeTable 2: Offers. Columns: Supplier Name, Part Code, PriceIn Table 1 I would like to add columns that automatically select the...

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Mobile PDF multipage

Hi, I have an Interface with an attachment field and I'm adding small PDF's. These are sometimes multipage PDF's All good on PC but when opening via the Airtable App on Mobile, it only displays one page. Multiple pages can be viewed if download but n...

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Convert Licensed User to Service Account

Hi Airtable Community!I have a few legacy accounts with API keys attached that are currently paid licensed accounts. I'd like to convert these accounts to service accounts. Is there a way to do this?Thanks in advance for your help!

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Covert to already Created PDF

So I have PDFs that are standardized for our organization. Is there any solution to take records from airtable and insert the data in to my Form Fillable PDFs. Is this possible? I looked at a lot of the extensions currently and none of them, even tal...

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'Cascading Field' do not sync the second selection.

Hi!     I successfully synced JIRA to AirTable, with all fields appearing in AirTable correctly.     But, there is an exception:     I have a "Cascading Field" in JIRA called "Story Type", each option in the first field opens a new list in the second...

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