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4 - Data Explorer

I'm not impressed with the refund process, and would like this issue to be addressed by staff. I know the forum is mainly users, but there is no phone number by which to reach staff. I was prompted by the automatic reply I received after emailing Airtable Support to leave a post in the forum as this triggers a response time within 72 hours. Evidently, I'm not the only one forced to go this route only to be repeatedly told forum members can't do anything, but we go through the motions nonetheless in the hopes of having our issue dealt with in a timely manner. So, my useless and ridiculous post poses the following questions in the hope that someone compiling forum activity for internal reports will flag it:

1- Why is there no phone number by which to reach staff for billing issues? Being re-routed many times by a bot is frustrating, and submitting a Request Form feels like we'll just end up in a big stack which will only garner a generic response.

2- Why are refunds issued in credits, and not by original method of payment?

Many people are complaining and confused by this. No company in their right mind will leave hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of credit sitting in an account to be used over years. Make it make sense.

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