Bulk Update Records With New Data

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Hi Folks,

Is there a nifty way to bulk update records with new data? I have all the data I want to add in a spreadsheet and the spreadsheet has a column with the record id the new data should go into.

If it matters the cell that needs updating is a multi-select one, but currently its blank (in the future I’ll need to add data to the cell without overwriting existing data).


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Hi @Dan_Irwin!

I am actually doing this myself. I also, set up drop down menus in my Google sheets. It’s really quite helpful.

The best way that I found to do bulk updating, especially if there are a lot of records, is try using Integronat. It’s quite simple and easy, especially if it’s a simple scenario.

I would recommend Integromat, at this time, over Make (same company, just updated version).

There are still some bugs that need to be resolved in Make.


Thanks! That worked like a gem

Question for the future: Is way in Integromat to append information to the cell rather than overwrite it?

The easiest way to do this is to use Airtable’s Batch Update app:

Hi @Dan_Irwin!

I am glad it worked!

Interns of your most recent question, you could try using one of the functions in Airtable—Upsert. I have not used it before, in Integromat, so I don’t have any working knowledge.

I would do some research and see what you can find out and perhaps use a sandbox in Airtable, for test trials.