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4 - Data Explorer

I keep a table that shows how many hours I have available to work for clients each week. I am a freelancer who provides X number of hours support each week to around 10-15 clients.

Each of my clients has their own column with their requested hours on the worksheet. I then use a formula column to calculate how many hours I have remaining so that I can build in new work.

As I get busier, I am increasingly asking my associates to do some of the hours for me. I would like to find a way to show how many of the client’s requested hours are being worked by me and how many of the client’s requested hours are being worked by my associates. This will then help me to plan extra work where I know I have gaps because my associates are taking care of some of the hours.

I hope that makes sense but here is a screenshot of my simple worksheet. Any suggestions of the best way to show what I’ve described would be wonderful. Thanks ever so much.

Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 19.08.09

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This is definitely an interesting problem to solve, but it’s a bit complex, which might explain why you haven’t seen any response yet. Do you have a budget for hiring someone to work on this with you? If so, you could either write a new post in the #developers:work-offered category (possibly linking to this thread for reference), or I can move this thread to that category (though being two weeks old it’s tough to say how many people will see it).