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4 - Data Explorer

Hi!!! I’m wondering if anyone has created anything resembling a Campground Reservation system using AirTable. Seems like it could be done relatively easily and I’m trying to help out a family owned campground with this project. I haven’t seen anything specific to campground reservations but I have seen some similar things here in the community.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to help me get a jump start on this? I would surely appreciate it. I’m new to AirTable but I have a programming background.


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Hi, @Jeana_Rogers.

I have built a campground booking Airtable base before, and can share a copy of it with you. I will send you a link in a private message, along with an explanation when I have an opportunity, hopefully no later than tonight.

That would be awesome Jeremy!!! Thank you so much. You can email me privately at


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hey jeremy, could you please send me also a copy of your campground reservation table?
thank you so much!!!

I’d also love to have a copy. I’m trying to help out a friend with a similar need. 
mill send you a private message.