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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I want to be more efficient so I synched multiple tables into one table.

But I can’t edit/ udpate the records.

How can I achieve the desired results ?

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Go to the original table and edit the records there. For convenience, add a button field to open the original record (time saver).

At the risk of retreading old topics, you in particular have several, several threads in this forum wherein the experts here came to the consensus that you should just use one table to begin with instead of several tables synced together. Ask yourself if you actually need multiple tables. Not prefer, need. The answer based on your post history is probably “no”.

“When will Airtable let you edit records in a synced view from the destination table?” => No one knows, and to my knowledge they have not stated they are working towards this feature. It is possible they will add this feature eventually but even that won’t save users from poor data structure.

the problem with having one base is, that it seems it’s not possible to upload another CSV file to the existing table.

It is possible. It was pointed out to you in this thread.

Perhaps you did not see the solution? Often when someone sees a solution, they mark the post as a solution, like the post, and even reply with their thanks.