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4 - Data Explorer

I am a novice at Airtable and am liking the functionality however I need to find a way to create a dashboard that can easily display the status of information in my table. I have a property management company and I need to know if people have filled out the pre-stay forms, waivers , etc, have they paid their deposit etc. I would like to create a dashboard that can display custom information for each booking letting me know if I have everything I need.

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Hey Patrick! this is a great question, and whilst the question you’re asking is not directly related to Airtable, I think some people will be able to help over in the Work Offered category. I’d also recommend checking out tools like Bubble and Webflow, which are tools that can help you consume Airtable’s API without needing to code…

Hi Patrick,

If you are on the Pro Plan you can use the Blocks feature. What you are looking for might be the Page Designer block, which can make single page for each record and you can add the data you need.


Hi Mohamed,

Thanks for getting back to us.

We have used the blocks feature and they are not really what we need.

We are looking to customize Airtable to make it look more like a dashboard for different projects that we have. Ex: a dashboard that our clients can access to update THEIR info that we have on file, upload signed contracts,
access and submit different business forms, etc. A somewhat similar interface that I can think of would be Bonsai (project management tool).

Hope that makes sense. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Note: We are not really sure if Airtable can be customized to that degree but would love to see if it can be done.


Alex, Executive Assistant

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You might be interested in Stacker, which is a 3rd Party integration that creates user portals from Airtable bases.