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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’ve created a form to crowdsource ideas. I envisage all ideas will go into the backlog, and want to be able to auto-categorize them on submission as having come from the crowdsourcing source.

I’m sure this is possible but can’t work out how!


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This sounds similar to a request that came up not long ago. My recommendation to you is the same: add a field to the form that will be used for crowdsourcing ideas. Make it feel like it’s related to the rest of the data being collected, even though you don’t really need it, and make sure it’s marked as required for the user to complete the form.

In Airtable, make a view that filters based on this field containing anything, but leave the field hidden. That view becomes your crowdsourced-ideas view.

Thanks Justin, good solution - though I find it surprising this feature isn’t easier to achieve.

The one build on your idea is that I’ve used the prefill_ variable to make sure users don’t have to fill in the field