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6 - Interface Innovator

If I want to provide services to clients that are using the Airtable app; is there a fee for each client to use it?

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As a consultant, your clients will have to pay for your access also. Unfortunately.

Too expensive for me. Thank you!

And this is wrong.

I have advised clients who have shared me into their bases to request (from Airtable) that their fees for my access be abated and most of them have reported that Airtable is very accommodating concerning this.

The argument is really simple - I’m already paying $24/month for a Pro account that can access unlimited bases. Airtable is creating an instance of unjust enrichment; essentially double-dipping when I open another client’s base - and for what – to help the client, which is clearly in Airtable’s best interest.

I certainly understand that inviting a free user into a base where pro and enterprise features exist warrants an additional monthly charge. However, in my view, this is a billing “bug” that creates a subliminal tax on the engagement of consultants. It also inflates the number of paying customers resulting in an overstatement of actual unique paying customers.

Yes, that seems like a very efficient and transparant system for users that invites consultants to their bases. Let’s never ask them this request again. Wasn’t Support already to occupied?

Why not? They’re basically double billing. Everyone should ask this repeatedly.

This has nothing to do with support; it’s their billing department that needs to hear about these instances of inequitable billing practices.

I was being ironic :winking_face: