Combining Several Rows into one email

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a spreadsheet that lists email addresses along with two pieces of data each in one column. Some email addresses have one row, some have 3, some have up to 60. What I’d like to do is sent one email to each email address and include the other two rows of data whether it be 1 or 60 in the email. Anybody have any good suggestions for accomplishing this?

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Hm, you could try:

  1. Create a new checkbox field called Send email or something
  2. Create an automation that will trigger when that checkbox is checked
  3. Make its action to send an email, and put the data you want to send inside the body

If you’re sending less than 100 and you’re on a Pro account you can use Airtable’s send email action. Otherwise you’re going to need to use the Gmail or Outlook send email options. Documentation here