Comparing multi-select items to completed tasks

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a process where we have a number of multiselect items (Resources) in one column that indicate the need to score each of them in a different table. Each of those tables has a checkbox when they are done (Completed).

I’d like to write an equation that looks for an item in the Resource Column, and then looks at Completed checkbox, and returns a true/false statement on the task. So if an item has three Resources and two checkbox completed, it would return a “Needs to be Done” for the one that is not complete.

I would run these sequentially on all five Resources. I think each chunk could look like:

SEARCH(‘Riparian’, {Resource Type(s)})>0,
SEARCH(‘Riparian’, {Resource Type(s)}>0,{ :heavy_check_mark: RB Score Drafted}),
" RB Done", “RB Not Done”

This would search for the resource name in the multi select field, if greater than 0 its there, and therefore needs to return a Completed Checkbox to be true. The IF statement would just keep it from occurring if not resources are assigned (again using the search).

But its not working (airtable accepts the syntax, but returns an #ERROR… Just a syntax/equation error, or am I totally off in how to do this? Other suggestions? I am out of automations, and writing advanced code for apps is beyond me…

Thanks for the help!!

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Can you post a screenshot? I’m having a hard time picturing your base structure. Is the checkbox field in the same table as the multiselect field? Is it actually a multiselect field or a link to another record field?

Although I’m not quite sure what exactly your data structure looks like, it sounds like your formula would need to ask: Does the number of items selected equal the number of checkboxes filled.