Comparing records in different fields in the same table - PLEASE HELP

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I have 3 Fields “Name” “Results” “Position”


I will like to compare the values in “Results” Field and position it from ‘1st - last row’

(Field “Position”)
If “Field Results” Row 1 or Record 1 is > Row 2, then Row 1 = “1st”
else If
“Results” Record 2 > Record 3, then Row 2 = “2nd”
else if
“Results” Record 2 = Record 1, then Row 2 = “1st”

What I want the “Position” Field to do is, compare if Results Field Row 1 is Greater than Row 2 then Position Field Row 1 is equal to “1st”

And if Results Field Row 2 is equal to Row 1 then Position Row 2 will be “1st”
Or if
Row 2 > row 3 then Position row 3 = “3rd”

Finally if “Results” Row 1 = Row 2 then both "Position Row 1 and Row 2 will be “1st”
But “Position” Row 3 will be “3rd”

What formula do I use to achieve this? Help me people

This is what I want to Achieve

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Hey @Charles_Dorantes!

You cannot reference records in the same table to achieve what you want to.

Since each “row” is an isolated record within a table, a formula field can only reference data that is in the record that it belongs to.

Thus, you cannot reference the grades in another record as an input for a formula.

I think your biggest limitation here is that you appear to be trying to use Airtable as a spreadsheet, rather than a database.

Thanks Ben. Will try another means