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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have several linking records that involve student teachers, what school they are working in, and what times they are teaching. What I want to do is compare one student’s availability with another student’s availability.
I started with this:
AirTable Current
But I would like it to look something like :
AirTable Goal

I thought about using a formula on my first table to create the information :
IF(Student=“Student 1”, “Yes”, “No”)

However, that returns “No” for everything. How do I set this up so that I can compare two or three students’ availability while eliminating all the extra information? For instance, if want to compare student 1 or student 3, I don’t want to see student 2’s information. (I am actually dealing with 12 students on 5 different days.)

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IF(FIND(“Student 1”,Student), “Yes”, “No”)

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Hi @Seana_Evelyn,
You can do this without any formulas. What you need is a junction table, take a look at this explanation as it is very similar to what you are doing: How to Use a Junction Table in your database | Airtable Tutorial - YouTube

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

That was interesting, but it didn’t really meet my needs. When I did a junction table, it just added every student to every time, which wasn’t helpful. It might have been useful if I started the database with that intent. I am not sure. I may just have to redo the whole thing. But I was hoping there would be a better way to organize the information I already have vs. reentering all over it again.

IF(FIND(“Student 1”,Student), “Yes”, “No”)