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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Everyone,
I want to upload an image to airtable base and when I fetch a base using airtable api I want a base64 version of that image instead of url.
I am directly uploading an image via airtable ui not from the api
Is it possible to do that in airtable?
Thank You

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This has nothing to do with Airtable.

You get the URL of the document via the API, then fetch the image via the URL, then convert the image to base64.

Thanks for your response
I tried to convert an image to base64 but i wasn’t able to do that.
Do you know any way to convert the image to base64 from image url.
I am using postman tool.
Please help me if you know how to do that in postman!

You need to show how you attempted this so I know how to advise you. It’s very difficult to help if I cannot see what you are trying.

Yes, you must read the image, then use a base64 encoder to transform the image itself, not the URL.

I’m pretty sure there is no way to do this in Postman. You need a script that gets the URL from Airtable, then gets the image based on the URL, then encodes the image blob into base64, then likely does other stuff with the base64 version of the image.

Doing all those things is not what Postman is designed to do. You need to write a program in javascript and you’ve shared no clues about the development environment.