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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I can no longer copy and paste data from one table to another, or from an excel spreadsheet into an Airtable base.

The table contains only text, currency, and percentage fields, and I’ve been using keyboard shortcuts CTRL+X/CTRL+V. (Using latest version of Chrome on Windows 10.)

I have tried going column by column, row by row, and single cells - nothing happens. When copy from spreadsheet, the data is being copied to the clipboard; when copied from Airtable, it isn’t.

If I double-click a cell, I can paste into that single cell–not helpful for copying lots of data.

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That sounds more like a system issue than something with Airtable itself. When is the last time that you restarted your browser and/or computer? I’ve noticed odd things creeping in from time to time if I leave Airtable open continuously (I’m using the desktop app on a Mac, but I imagine similar behavior could occur in a browser), so I’m in the habit of refreshing/rebooting frequently. If that doesn’t solve it, I recommend reaching out to Airtable support directly.

Thanks. I’ve noticed that refreshing the browser window fixes a lot of bugs with Airtable, but not this one. It seems to be a Chrome issue. Works fine in Firefox.

Very strange. I use the desktop app more than the web interface, so that might explain why I’m not seeing it. Do you have any extensions active in Chrome? If so, you might consider disabling them and see if that affects anything. Regardless I definitely suggest that you contact Airtable support about this while you’re running other tests.