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4 - Data Explorer

I am incredibly new to Airtable. I have a family event that I’d like people to sign up for excursions and others can see what excursions others have signed up for. This is the current link: Airtable - Gallery

Example: Bride and Groom are going on X excursion each day, in each port.
Guests will be able to see what they are signed up for and also say they are going to X excursion as well. This does NOT need to actually tie into a payment system, just simply let everyone be aware of what others are doing and join in if they’d like.

Problem: I don’t see how to allow others to sign up for each excursion. I can assign them on the back end, but the idea is for others to be able to see what everyone is doing and then assign themselves to that excursion as well.

Is this possible via Airtable?

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Hi @Jill_Hillyer ,

Welcome to Airtable Community !

Nice use of the Gallery view btw.

What you can do is add a button to this field that will be prefilled with the record id of the excursion record (you can even hide it if you want)

Check this support article for more data about forms

I will try this tonight, thank you Mohamed!