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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone,

We have an interesting use case for our company.
I am almost 100% certain that what I want to do is impossible to achieve with JotForm, Airtable Forms, Softr Forms and miniExtensions forms.

I have a record.
The record’s fields are as so:

Name, Selected Option (linked field), Type.

I am trying to create a form where:
a) Selected Option is filtered by the Type field (the selected option record has the same type field which I keep updated so the single select options match)
b) The dropdown box in the selection field not only shows the name of the linked field but also an image associated with that linked field in airtable.

An example of this would be:
Record A
Name: Wall Colour
Type: Colour
Selected Option table has a bunch of records like Blue, Red, Green, Rough Brick, Stainless Steel. It also has a type.

I want the Selected Option linked field to only show Blue, Red or Green, since those linked records have the type Colour which matches. However the type may change to ‘Metal’, in which case only Stainless Steel should be shown.

This is currently impossible with all known integrations. It is basically a conditional lookup based on another field rather than a hard-coded condition.

The other issue I have is that when selecting from a range of linked records, I want to show not only the name of those linked fields, but the image field in that linked record also.

I also believe this is impossible to achieve with any of the aformentioned tools.

If any of you have any other extensions / tools to recommend I would be truly grateful.

Of course the other option is I completely abandon no-code and just hire web devs and spend the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars needed in order to achieve this myself. Its not outside the realm of possibility at the moment but I would rather not.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

The impossible form has now been created by the team at

I am marking this closed now, as has done basically everything - PERFECTLY. Astounding - truly. Thanks Dominic from Fillout for your help!

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18 - Pluto

Airtable still doesn't offer this feature natively, but luckily for all of us, dynamic dropdowns are a native feature of Fillout, which is 100% free and offers the most advanced forms available for Airtable. Fillout offers TONS of other advanced functionality that people have been dreaming of for years in their Airtable forms. Fillout also offers the ability to either update existing records in Airtable or create new records in Airtable.

I know for sure it’s not possible with mini extensions unfortunately. I’ll check out your other suggestion.

I would recommend using Fillout instead of MiniExtensions, but yes, it is 100% possible with MiniExtensions. I’ve done it many times before for clients. You can’t have images in the actual dropdown menu itself, but the image can appear beneath the dropdown after you make the selection. You can even see it in the demo on this page:

miniExtensions for Airtable

Lookup Fields in miniExtensions Form

Show lookup fields inside your form. When a user select a linked record, you can automatically show them lookup fields that are related to it.


Yeah so thats a “not quite” for that. And the conditional filtering based on another selection is definitely a hard no. So miniExtensions gets a 2.5/10 for the ‘impossible form’.

Um, have you ever spent any time actually researching what you’re trying to do? Conditional filtering is definitely one of the features of MiniExtensions, which is not only advertised on their site, but something that I have successfully implemented dozens of times for clients. And if your dealbreaker is image dropdowns, then you’ll need to find some tool on the web that supports image dropdowns. I will no longer be replying to any of your comments, because you have demonstrated an extremely negative & ungrateful attitude from the very first post.

Correct - but dynamic conditional filtering is not.
For example - you cannot have a single select dropdown with options a,b,c that then filters the linked records in a subsequent dropdown that also have options a, b or c associated with them.

Just an update: I have definitely confirmed this is impossible with Softr record update since you cannot conditionally filter OR dynamically conditionally filter the available selections for a linked list dropdown box.

I just would like to point out that we have added this feature to our form recently. Now it’s possible to show thumbnails in the linked records list. You can see how it looks here.


Holy cow, this is incredible!!! Thanks for posting and sharing, @Moe!! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: :raised_hands: :tada: