CSS Selector won't work in iframe

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to capture data from Google Analytics with the web clipper and I can’t get the CSS selector to work. I’ve copied the CSS selector from dev tools in chrome. I’ve also tried simply one class name from something I know is unique. None of this worked. I had an idea that it wasn’t working because the text is within a td or a div and not a normal text tag like a or p or span. I tried the class of something in a span tag and it worked.

How can I get it to work with something like a td? Open up GA and all of the data is within a table and td’s. I tried div.className and td.className, the full selector and just the single class. I can’t get it to pull.

EDIT: I just realized that all of this data is within an iframe on GA - so therefor impossible to pull with the extension. Anyone find a work around?

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