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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I am seeking to pull a record that would have an image and then a few fields under the image from the same record and then repeat for all records in a filter. The custom text and layout fields of the page designer as well as being able to export make it quite desirable for this but I’m having issues getting the records to populate in this manner.

The gallery view provides most of what I need as it gives me multiple records (of which I can filter by field) but the limitations on styling keep it from being an answer to my issue.

gallery view.png

The screen shot is of a gallery view, the first image/ record is laid out in the manner I’m seeking, and the second is the gallery view unchanged.

Any assistance would be great.

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You’re definitely on the right track; you probably just need to work a bit more with Page Designer, which has a definite mind of its own. I find it easier to align text values by entering X and Y coordinates than by clicking and dragging. (For instance, to align entries horizontally, make sure they all have the same Y coordinate, font, font size, line height, text block height, and vertical alignment. If you set vertical alignment to ‘top’, you don’t have to worry about text block height.) Also keep in mind you can use the arrow keys to move the current display object (field, static text, graphic).

My Black Mirror base in Airtable Universe offers a comparison of gallery view versus a custom view in Page Designer. (The default view for the [Episodes] table is a gallery view, while the first two Page Designer Blocks defined offer alternatives to the standard gallery view.) In my case, I configured the Block so each record was its own page, but if you keep the footprint of your Page Designer layout smaller and select ‘print records in the current view’, you can print or generate PDFs with multiple records per page. (As far as I know, you can’t easily generate a multi-record screen display.)

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi @W_Vann_Hall thanks for the ideas…

I’m scratching my head trying to get the Gallery view to show multiple fields on one line like you have (see image for example). How do I do that?

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 1.32.37 PM

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I think I’m GROKing what’s going on here… I think @W_Vann_Hall is faking the 3 fields by concatenating the field name and the field value together (with proper spacing) and then only truly displaying one conglomerate field. What a bummer… I’d hopped there was a workaround (Better workaround) for multiple fields per line.

Tell me it ain’t so…

That’s exactly what he did:
CleanShot 2020-03-24 at 14.46.04

Super smart idea, nut sure how to add blank spaces without having it trimmed.