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7 - App Architect


Is it really not possible to have the weekday shown in a date field? Seems an odd omission - and the ‘friendly’ date format not that friendly.

I know I can use a formula field to format it how I like but a) that’s a workaround and b) I am grouping by date and grouping by a formula field means I drag move records between groups / add new records directly to the group.

Any other ideas / suggestions greatly received

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Hey @Andrew_Davies

Could you provide a bit more context for what you want the final user experience to feel & look like?

I’m also particularly curious about this portion and would love some expanded context.

As a preemptive theoretical…
Is there something, in particular, that is keeping you from utilizing either the Calendar or the Timeline views?

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @Ben.Young

Thanks so much for your reply - much appreciated!

I’m a project manager, so spend a lot of my life writing schedules. These are usually in Excel (sometimes Word) but I have always thought it would be good to do them in a database. The Excel / Google Sheet schedules I work in are always clunky - so I thought doing it in Airtable would be good as I can have set views for certain things (for example deliveries only) which saves clicking around with filters in a spreadsheet.

I simply created a table with a date, time, notes, supplier etc field - and grouped it by date, and sorted it by time and bang - there you go!

But the problems I have doing it with Airtable are -

  • As you can see from the link - the “friendly” date is not very friendly and is not customisable. It’s important to know which day of the week I am working on so adding the weekday is quite important.
  • Different issue to my post here, but it is not possible it seems to print a nice list view from Airtable (with fonts / logos etc). I know about Page Designer - but that is limited to only showing one record at a time - I need to customise a list view. Am really surprised this is not possible in Airtable (support has confirmed that to be the case). If anyone can recommend a way or alternative to AirTable I would be interested to know. (or an integration?). I can’t send a PDF like the one you can get from an Airtable view to a client.

The Calendar / Timeline views are good - but I - and most of my team - are used to seeing a schedule in a list format.

With regard to the grouping figure - I got round the issue of not having the week day by adding a formula field and re-formatting the date. But if you group by a formula field type - then you can not drag entries between groups in table view - nor add entries directly to a group. See screenshot attached.

Sorry this is a long post - but any help much appreciated!


Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 14.23.53

Hi @Andrew_Davies,

Yeah, Page Designer has several limitations.

You may want to check out DocuMint, which I’ve used with a few clients. It was specifically designed for creating PDF files from Airtable, and you can print multiple records on a page to create a list.

You may also want to check out On2Air: Actions, which connects Airtable to Google Docs, where I believe you can also print multiple records on a page to create a list. @Hannah_Wiginton, is this correct?

Yes, with the document generator in On2Air Actions, you can list multiple records on a single document.

Here’s an example. Click on the Table section

Thanks for the tag, @ScottWorld!

Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable
7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Thanks all

Much appreciated. Giving Documint and On2Air Actions a try


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Andrew,

I have the same issue that I need to include weekday in the date field.  Have you figured out a good way to accomplish that?  If not, can you share how you can use the formula field format as a workaround solution?  I was surprise Airtable didn't give that option.  - Thanks.