DATETIMEDIFF: Formula to display pro-rated monthly fees and regular monthly fees

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey there- Need a bit of help with a complicated formula. I’d like to create a formula that tells me how much to bill any customer on any given month. A customer’s bill is determined by how many square feet their space covers. Billing begins when we deploy our product in their space, which can happen at any point in the month.

I’ve created formulas for the following:

-Billing start date {Billing Start Date}- This is based on the date our product goes live
-Number of billable days in the month when billing began {First Month Billable Days}

I have created fields for January-December. I’d like the prorated monthly amount to show up in the appropriate month field (correlates to the {Billing Start Date}, and for any monthly field following that to show the regular monthly fee.

For a customer whose space was deployed on 10/12/21, I’m envisioning an output that looks like this:

August: (blank)
September: (blank)
October: $400
November: $1000
December: $1000

Any help would be much appreciated!

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