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Disable "Getting Started" pop up

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How do I disable the “Getting Started” pop up from showing up?

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Hi @Brian_Nowogrodski
I just went through this on a new account. The only way I was able to get it to go away was to go through each of the steps in the popup.

I agree, this pop up is ridiculous. i need to create new accounts with different work addresses and I don’t want to see this pop up every time I open airtable. please allow a permanent close for non newbies.

This pop up is very, very aggravating. Please create a way to disable it account wide, not just for a a given base.

Yup, this is ridiculous! If I’ve dismissed them once, then lose the alert! Or give me a setting where I can choose to shut them off. Enough. STOP!

Yes, having the same issue, no way I’ll be completing all the steps so please give us the option to permanently dismiss

Thank you – YES – the ONLY way to get rid of it, is to click on each step and choose Add another or whatever so the blue bar at the top goes all the way across. @Airtable_admin this is horrifically the WORST feature I’ve seen in software in a long time. For those of us long time users who are adding in new users to a table that we do NOT want changed – this really was incredibly aggravating. Don’t bother trying to fix this by clearing cache – that did nothing. @Airtable_Clerk Get rid of this pop up

? My collaborator account is Airtable_Clerk butI AM NOT an Airtable employee. Don’t pin this on me :smiling_face_with_sunglasses: