Duplicate a workspace with read only access

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I was wondering if I was to give someone read only access if they are then able to duplicate the workspace for their own use.

(please note this is what I want them to do).


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A user with read only access to a workspace will be able to duplicate every base in the workspace. However, each base would need to be duplicated individually.

@Kristy_Robinson Whenever you add a “collaborator” to either a base or a workspace, the collaborator is always allowed to duplicate the entire base (or every base in your entire workspace) for their own private usage.

Even if you remove the collaborator from read-only access afterwards, they will still have access to any of the bases that they previously duplicated for their own personal usage.

However, there is still something very simple that you can do to prevent read-only users from easily duplicating an entire base. What you can do is share a “private read-only link” for each base.

So you would generate one unique link per base, and make sure that you UNCHECK the option that says “Allow viewers to copy the data in this base”.

If you distribute this link to people who are NOT collaborators, then these people would have read-only access to your base — and they wouldn’t be able to easily export/duplicate the base for their own personal usage.

You can also do the same thing for just a single view in a base. You can share just a single view as a private read-only link, and as long as you uncheck the option that says “Allow viewers to copy data out of this view”, they won’t be able to easily export/duplicate the data from the base for their own personal usage.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is so helpful, thank you Scott!