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Dynamically filtering linked record

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Looking to dynamically pull a specific record from Table 1 to Table 2 based on date. In other words

Table 1 has a list of names and dates.
Table 2 has the daily meal; what we’re eating everyday.
I want to pull what we’re eating everyday (Table 2) into Table 1 by date for each person.

I think linked records is the way to do it but I can’t tie the record it pulls from Table 2 into Table 1 by the date.

Is there a way around this? I’ve looked in the community but it seems like this is a missing feature of airtable and hasn’t been addressed by the devs yet.

Simply putting the daily meal from Table 2 into Table 1 isn’t possible due to other metadata in Table 1 that isn’t relevant to this; just simplifying the example for this post. TYIA

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Hi @Alex_Ma ,

What you are referring to is a Junction Table or a Line Items table. You have to have Table 3 which is basically Table 2 (meals) with a date and then link this to Table 1

Thanks, I’ll have to play around with it but now I know where to look!