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4 - Data Explorer

I created a form (8 questions and about 9 sentences of description at the top) and embedded on my website. I used autosize, as I always do. On some mobile devices, the form is cut off before the submit button and you cannot scroll down on the form. So, I grabbed the embed code again and didn’t do autosize and just made the height huge. This made the submit button visible on mobile, but it messed up other things. Now our confirmation page note and “submit another response” button are not in view and one would need to scroll to find it. Also, because I had to add so much height to the form, there is a great deal of white space between the bottom of the form and the footer of our website.

We use forms constantly and usually they are much longer than this one. I haven’t noticed this issue before. Is it a new issue or some sort of bug? We want our forms to be on our website and have our URLs.

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