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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is it possible to export the data operated by airtable with CSV etc.? Is it possible to migrate to an external database immediately?

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

You can download an individual view of a table to CSV. See this support article for more info. You cannot download the entire base (multiple tables) at once as CSV without a third party tool.

As for migrating to a different database, it depends on your end goals. Do you want to move off the Airtable platform completely, or do you want to move the data to be used both by Airtable and also by some additional tools?

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thank you for your reply!

What is a third party tool? Other than CSV, there is no problem if it can be migrated to an external database.

Since airtable has a capacity limit, I want to migrate the database when the number of invited users increases.

In that case, I want to completely migrate the database platform. Can airtable do it?

If you want to leave the Airtable platform completely, it probably isn’t worth investing in a 3rd party tool for exporting to CSV. Most 3rd party tools are more designed for ongoing backups while you continue to use Airtable.

Airtable native tools are also not designed to make it easy to migrate completely away from the platform. That said, there is nothing to prevent you from downloading each table individual to CSV, and you can import those files into any platform of your choosing that accepts CSV data.

You can also consider upgrading your plan to get increased limits.

Thank you for your reply!

I don’t need third-party tools to completely migrate the database, right?
Is it possible to export to CSV without anything?

I heard that if I upgrade the plan, there will be no limit, but can I consult individually even with a capacity of 100,000 users and 1 terabyte?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
  • Airtable offers the User Interface, the business logic and the Database as a Single package. You cannot separate one from the other.

  • In order to download the CSV follow the instructions in this screenshot
    airtable screenshot

I should mention 2 things however

  1. You need to download the CSV for every table/view. You can’t download the entire base in one file.
  2. Linking records is going to be a messy business in the CSV, as linking is a feature that CSV does not offer
  • Migrating between tools is always a risky business and I always discourage it unless you know what you are doing. My suggestion is to create new bases every so often (for example every year of every department) because the Airtable record limit is per base

  • If you insist on migrating off Airtable I suggest you use their API to do so.

Thank you for your reply.

What I want to know is what to do when the number of users increases due to airtable and the limit is exceeded.

Is it safe to migrate a database with API instead of CSV?

What kind of API is there?

All plans have limits of some sorts. On an Enterprise plan you can have a terabyte of storage. Airtable does not have a documented maximum number of users. However, Airtable does charge for all users who are not read-only users. A third party portal system probably will not work with 100,000 users.

I’m not sure what you mean by “safe”. The API is just another way of accessing your Airtable data. However, setting it up is probably not worth the effort if you are simply migrating off platform. If you already have an Airtable account, you can see the API documentation.

Pretty sure this is not true; there are always limits with everything.

I get the sense you need something like Sequin. Yes, it’s considered a third-party tool, but it is also an ideal escape hatch should your success swamp the Airtable boat.

thank you for your reply. I’m glad that some airtable plans can be used up to 1 terabyte.
Then it can be used by 100,000 users, right?
Is airtable charged for each active user? I understood that it was a charge for each number of records.
Like $ 10 for 5000 records

thank you for your reply!
With Sequin, I can safely migrate from airtable, right?

If I want to migrate after synchronizing with an external database with Sequin, can I separate it from the data in airtable?
If it stays synchronized, the data of airtable will be reflected.

I believe you could use Sequin as a way to export and utilize your Airtable data in any way you might choose. But, you should check with the folks at Sequin like @Eric_Goldman.

Thank you for your reply.

I am happy that Sequin can export from airtable. I’ll ask @Eric_Goldman. thank you.

@Bill.French - thank you! This is a great use case for Sequin - appreciate the kind support as always :pray:

@Kentarou_Dobashi, yes, Sequin will allow you to sync all your Airtable data to a Postgres database. Many people use Sequin to enhance their Airtable base - using both Airtable and their database simultaneously. But if you need an escape hatch, then yes, you can set up the sync to get the data into Postgres and then run a pg_dump to get all the data out.

I’d like to make sure you get set up properly - so feel free to shoot me a DM or email me directly:

And this is where I need to make some general business observations.

  1. I like the term “escape hatch”. While Airtable itself is not likely fond of any of us talking about an escape hatch on their community (no less), confident companies will openly engage in supporting this concept because it is prudent and rational IT planning. Everyone should be concerned with an escape mechanism and I have a hunch even Airtable itself buys IT services and considers exactly this issue. In my view, Airtable is so good for what it does and what it costs, it should never fear this conversation.

  2. If you are concerned about record limits in Airtable, you may be designing your data model with some flaws. I recommend getting a data modelling expert to take a look at your approach.

  3. Let’s assume you are forced at some time in the future to use Sequin as an escape pod from Airtable; then what? My thinking is you should plan now for ways you can extend Sequin as your future back end. Sure, an SQL platform is capable of exporting the data, but that’s not really the challenge when you must pull the rip-cord. You need to ponder the complete strategy and I think Sequin also has the capacity to do far more than escape from a platform that has outlived its value.

Thank you for your polite reply.

I understand that Sequin is in sync with the Postgres database and can be migrated.

The question was still in the examination stage, so I will contact you when introducing it.

thank you.

Thank you for your detailed advice.

I’m not a programmer. I plan to develop with a no-code app. When it’s time to move, I’ll ask an expert to move.

thank you.