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Re: Fetching Jira Record Ticket

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Hello! We have a Jira cloud integration with Airtable. We are trying to get the “Find Jira Ticket” Button actually find the exact ticket in Jira. When we put the link, it only takes us to the queue and not actual ticket that it is corresponding to.

Is there a formula (possibly an IF/THEN) that someone can help with?

Here is a picture of the button:


Or does anyone have a better option when dealing with seeing Jira Tickets in Airtable?

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Hey @Nnenna_Anwara!
Welcome in!

I’ve never encountered that issue before.
What does it look like when you open the field configuration menu?

For reference, mine looks like this:


Since you’re also on an enterprise account, definitely toss an email to
It goes to a different support tier, and you will also get a faster response.

Any additional details you could provide in the meantime would be greatly beneficial.

Good Morning Ben!

Mine Does that, however it does not open to the exact ticket that is referenced. For example:

To find or open Jira, we put the URL to a specific queue:


When I click the Jira button it takes us to Jira, but not the specific record

There is a number referenced that is in the “Billing” section of each record that we would like to use as a link to actually have a one to one relationship between Jira and Airtable. Here is the Number in Airtable:


Now the number is being pulled from another source (a time keeping app), but it does come to Airtable automatically.

Hopefully what we are requesting is doable.

Huh… I’m curious as to why you’re using the Open URL button function, rather than the Open Source Record functionality?


If there’s a specific reason, then I can probably help with setting up the Open URL functionality, but curious nonetheless.

Oh wait… I think I just realized why.

Go to an issue in Jira and look at the URL.


Take your URL, and scrub it like this:

  • Original:
  • Scrubbed:

Then setup your button URL to attach your issue/ticket key to the URL.

Again, let me know if I’m missing something.
This is interesting.

That is correct, but how can I set that to be automatic, I guess it is what I am trying to do.

If you’re referring to this:

You can just change the button setting, and that’s all you have to do.

If you’re referring to this:


If you follow what I wrote out in my previous post, and you’ll be set for every other record automatically.
Let me know if you need a more granular walkthrough on one of these.

Hi Ben,

When I did that, it opened up Airtable, when I wanted it to connect to the Jira queue. I wanted this number in this screenshot:


to connect to the record in Jira, like this (Reference Code):

Because Airtable does not recognize the Issue Key imported from Jira (for some odd reason).

How will Airtable recognize the Issue Key from Jira and link it for that 1:1 relationship?

I believe I do need a walkthrough. I tried to put our URL link to the queue and add & (Issue Key) and still got an error

I forgot to add that they are in different tabs, but the same base