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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone

My company and I have problems regarding a synced field in our database.

When this database was created I guess there weren’t any problems with editing, but now when we go to the source of truth, and when we try to edit metrics, the new metrics doesn’t show in the database.

We’ve tried to press "update sync configuration, but yet again nothing happens. Does anyone else experience this problem or have solved it before?

See the picture for reference.

Skærmbillede 2022-10-06 kl. 13.42.17

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Hi @Zakarias.K.S.Djurhuu,
Currently Airtable base sync only allows for one way syncing. If you wish to edit that record/field, you will need to do so in the Base that it is being synced from.

Hi @Vivid-Squid

We have tried to edit it in the base, that it’s being synced from. Unfortunately when we do that nothing happens. That’s the whole issue…