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4 - Data Explorer

I am using Airtable to run a daily medical care routine. Every day follows the same set of routine records all with that day’s date. “Use same timezone (GMT) for all collaborators” toggled on.

I am trying to filter to get a view of “Today”. When I create a Datetime filter where Datetime is “Today”, the “Today” is defined in in GMT = 0 and I live in GMT = -6, so at 6pm my “Today” filter stops working. Is there a way to change the timezone of the dynamic filter? I have not tried toggling the timezone setting to use my local timezone, as this causes issues with my setup in its current configuration.

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You kind’a answered your own question. I believe that if you want the app to behave correctly for all users in all time zones, you cannot assert a specific time on the data set. Instead, you must allow the system the latitude of shaping the data in concert with the user’s browser locale.

I’ve always advised against the use of fixing the data to a specific timezone. This is contrary to good database design and especially problematic when workers exist in different time zones. There are exceptions to this rule, but not many.