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Filter View to Next Event Only

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I have a bunch of table linked to different events. I want to create a view that filters out all future events except for the next one.

Anyway to do this without having to manually check and uncheck a box?

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Are your “events” date fields? If so, would simply filtering your dates like this work:

They are but that is not the solution because that will show me all future not just the next date.

If it is important to only show the next date (after tomorrow), then I don’t know. I don’t believe Airtable lets you limit views to only one row, though there may be some other way to achieve this. However, if the main concern is to see the next date, this will work:

The first row will always be the next date/time if you combine that filter with “Sort By > Date Field > 1-9”.

Thanks but yeah that doesn’t solve it either. I have all that set up. I need a view for a form that just shows me the next date in the series. Seems like we should be able to filter a view and then set to say show X number of records Max. That would solve it.

If I can filter I don’t understand why I can’t just filter the number of rows to show.

You can’t put a filter limiting the number of records because that is not a feature in Airtable, but yes, it should be a feature. In SQL, for example, you would type LIMIT X at the end of your query and it would only show the number of records you requested.

May I ask, do you have a Pro Account? There appears to be a solution that involves an app, but you need Airtable Pro to access it: Limit a view to a specific number of records

Yah that doesn’t really help either. I need that selection on the filter!

It’s not a view, but the Record List App will let you limit your list of records to just the next event.

The only way to make calculations involving multiple records is to have linked record fields. It is theoretically possible to link all of the records to a single control record and then use a system of conditional roll ups and formula fields to determine the most recent future record. However, the system is rather complicated and does not scale well to large datasets.

Another option is to have a script that ensures that a checkbox is set for only the earliest future event. Then filter your view on the checkbox. The script could be run from a button or an automation, although finding the right trigger can be tricky.