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I have an issue with airtable calendar views:
For each records of the table I have 2 event (IN and OUT), and for each event a collaborator (can be the same one but most of the time collaborators are differents from IN to OUT events)

I want to have calendar view for each collaborators with only the event there are responsible for.

But when I filter, it’s not working well because it’s also showing the event where the collaborator was for the IN but not concern for the OUT (not easy to explain)

For exemple:
I have a record:
Ms Bond
From (IN) 23/08/22 to (OUT) 25/08/22
For the IN event: collaborator is Tony
For the OUT event: Collaborator is Elon

I created a calendar view for Tony and an other calendar view for Elon

In the tony view i filtered “Collaborator IN = Tony, or Collaborator OUT = Tony”

In this view i see the IN event: normal Tony is in charge, but i also see the OUT event, because even if Tony is not in charge of the OUT event, he is in the record, and so airtable show the record.

I use the “or” condition, cause if i use the “and”, tony have to be in charge for the IN and the OUT event to be display in the view.

The same problem happen with the Elon view: I have the record for the OUT event (Normal, he’s in charge), but also for the IN even if it’s tony in charge, just because Elon appear in the record.

Please help me it’s causing a lot of trouble in my organisation :confused:

I tried to find the solution in community but didn’t find out :confused:

Thanks by advance,

Hope my english is understandable.

Have a good day,


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Hi @MonVoiturier_Lillois ,

The reason this is happening is because you simply have this as the structure of the record. Both events are in one record, what are you expecting to see?

If you need to see only the in or the out then you need to separate the records