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Any idea why I keep having posts hidden immediately after clicking ‘reply’? Each time I’m referred to a message in my inbox that claims multiple users have flagged the post as violating community guidelines — an impossibility, as the post never appears long enough to be flagged. I’ve gone through the offending posts to see if a typo or two adjacent words (hearkening back to the days when some sites would render ‘an allusion’ as ‘** **lusion’) might somehow be triggering a too-twitchy dirty-word module, but I’ve not been able to find anything. Furthermore, copy-and-pasting the original post a second time usually results in it being posted openly. It wouldn’t be that big a deal, except Discourse makes one wait 10 minutes before it pops up the edit button on hidden posts, which is annoying.


And, having posted this, I just returned to the latest hidden post, now that my 10 minutes was up, only to find it had magically been unhidden…

…until I edited to fix a typo, at which point it was hidden again, with another 10-minute delay before I can edit once more…

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I have absolutely no idea why this might be the case—investigating now.

This has happened to me now twice. A reply post was immediately hidden after posting, and I can’t imagine what content (other than an external link?) might have caused it.

Here’s the one that just was hidden:

Even worse, I’ve been having problems with Discourse blocking PMs — which kind of makes it hard to contact prospects through Community. I thought it might have something to do with the percentage of quoted material, because I drop in some boilerplate pointing to my résumé, my bases on Universe, and my Community posts, but aside from telling me “Multiple community members flagged this post before it was hidden” — which seems unlikely, given it was a PM — Discourse ain’t sayin’ nothin’.

Inevitably, it seems to happen after business hours or on a weekend, which maximizes annoyance. :winking_face:

I have had a couple of posts hidden today because they were inexplicably flagged as inappropriate. The message I received claims that multiple people had flagged them. Very curious, as there was clearly nothing inappropriate in either post. And both posts are 3+ years old.

Same here. I also had several posts allegedly edited by ‘System’ – but seemingly without any obvious changes when I compare edits.

Discourse running amok, again?

All of mine have screenshots. Related?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey y’all! Good news, you’re not imagining things. Discourse has been making some more changes to the flagging/post review system so we’re investigating now how to roll them back to previous levels. Things will be back to normal soon! :slightly_smiling_face: