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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hoping this is an easy enough set-up! I’m trying to create volunteer sign-ups for specific events, where there will be a fixed list of approved volunteers that can sign-up (so they would select their name from a linked field). Aside from manually closing out the form after a certain number of sign-ups, is there a way to indicate that we have 10 slots available and turn it off after that time?

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Assuming the form is linking Volunteer records to Event records:

  • Add a Count field to the Events table to show how many current signups there are.
  • Add a Formula field to the Events table that calculates IF({Count of signups} > {Max signups}, "full", "not full").
  • Adjust the Event link field in the Sign Up Form view to only pull from an Events table view that filters out “full” events.

Just a slight tweak. Use >= and not just >

IF({Count of signups} >= {Max signups}, "full", "not full")

You can also combine the count and the comparison into a single rollup field, instead of having two fields.

IF(COUNTALL(values) >= {Max signups}, "full", "not full")