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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! I’m new to airtable and I’m trying to transfer all of my databases over to this platform from access. One thing that I’ve really liked about access forms is that I can have the form value appear to the inputer as “yes” or “no”, or some other wording input like that, and then in the backend what gets filled into my database for “yes” would be something like 1, while “no” would be 0. So essentially what I’m wondering is with airtable forms is there a way that I can have these options on the front end but then have specified values filed into my table based on what the user chooses? Thanks!

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Airtable forms are very different from Access forms. They are not comparable at all.

Airtable forms let users create new records from a webpage. Every input on the Airtable form must have a corresponding field in the Airtable base.

You could have a single select field with options “yes” and “no” in your form. You could then use either a formula field or an automation to set the value in a different field to “1” or “0”.